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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Friendly warning ...

Dennis: This is just a friendly warning, I am in the Atlanta airport, reading Robert Scobles new book, "Naked Conversations"! I'm already laughing, chapter 1 is titled, "Souls of the Borg". Boy am I gonna be a real blogger when I am done! :-) Tablet Guy: Just hurry up and get me to Seattle, it's dark in this suitcase!! Talk about second class. The Tablet PC flies up with Dennis, I fly baggage class. I GOTTA GET MY OWN TICKET NEXT TIME.

(via mobile phone)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Bloggin on the go ...

Dennis: I’m playing around with this little app called PDANet. In getting ready for a 4 day business trip, I need to be able to connect on demand. I do not travel enough to justify one of the fancy aircards or anything, but I do have a Treo 650, which I would like to use as a modem. My neighbor Eddie has been using a hack to the 650 to do so, but I wanted to try it with PDANet, which I found out about on I tried to quickly set it up via Bluetooth, but no joy, have to get back to that later when I have more time. My Toshiba M200 Tablet PC does not have internal Bluetooth, I am using a USB Bluetooth adapter, so that may be the issue. But I am doing this post via a USB cable to my Treo. 384kbps, not too shabby. Since I am using my phone with an unlimited data plan, all I am doing is burning minutes. I’ll keep playing with this. Anyone else took at shot at it yet?
Tablet Guy: Good. we need to be able to be online quickly Dennis. Although I would prefer not to have a Bluetooth “dongle” (man I hate that word) hanging out of a Tablet, we need to mke that work. That would make using a Tablet PC much cooler. You have the phone on your person, you just open your tablet while at a meeting or on the go and it instantly finds the Bluetooth network and you are online. Having to plug in that USB cable is workable, but not optimum. Anybody done this with a Treo 650 and PDANet? I’ll keep on Dennis to make this work (he procrastinates sometime, but I know which buttons to push on him!).

Interesting dilemma!

Tablet Guy: Hey Dennis, you ready to go yet? Tomorrow we take off for Redmond again, which is always a great time! My bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’m standing here, outside your door...., lalalala!
Dennis: Yeah, right, I hear you singing there TG. Don’t bug me right now, I have WAY too much to do. I have networking clients calling, billing to do, Buzz moderation to handle, Buzz contests to get started (I have quite the little pile of stuff right now to give away if I can ever get started), and so on and so on. So what do I focus on today, the day before I have to get on that plane (by the way TG, I have a plane ticket, do you?) and head out to Microsoft HQ. No way I will get it all done before I leave. Oh well, no way I’m not going! Let me tell you some reasons why:

- A trip to MS HQ is just WAY too much fun, and it is always an honor to be asked to attend events like this!
- I get to hang out with my buddy Rob Bushway, ALSO way too much fun!
- I get to visit with all the great Tablet Team guys at MS, fun thing number 3!
- I get to hear the “State of the Union” address on Tablet PC with some other great participants. Tablet is doing well folks, and I will report more when I can this week. There should be a lot of great software and maybe hardware people there too.
- I hope to make more contacts with other Tablet PC enthused people and companies. This will help out on the Buzz a lot. Having a good network to contact at hardware and software companies helps when we want to do reviews, help forum members resolves issues, help promote products, etc.
- Too many other good reasons to mention!

Okay, so now maybe it makes sense. I think I will just get the billing done and look forward to the trip! Dilemma solved!

Tablet Guy: Ticket, what ticket? You mean you forgot to get me a ticket AGAIN? I need a new owner man.... Now I guess I get to fly cross country stuck down in your computer bag again, what a bummer. What am I gonna do with this dude, I just can’t get no respect. Oh well, guess it’s better than staying home! Redmond, here I come!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Is it time yet?

Dennis: The icon on the right here was one used about 3 years ago to promote a meeting of Tablet PC early adopters, industry people, press, etc. in Boston. I attended that event, back when Tablet PC Buzz had about 300 members (about 18,000 now btw).
Rob Bushway was there, Fritz Switzer and his daughter Casey, Adam from PCTalk, and that’s about all I remember. Motion had a rep there, NEC and HP also. All in all there were about 30 people who showed up, and a number of those were there because it was also the venue for PlanetPDA that winter.

So is it time yet for another event, solely focused on on Tablet PC? We have kicked the idea around on TabletPCBuzz a few times, but have not ever done anything solid with it. Lora Heiny has organized several “meetups” around major events, but nothing specific to Tablet. AT CES this year, there was a really good crowd (60-75) of people for a late planned, somewhat inconvenient to get to meeting, so what does that show us?

Just rambling here. I would go if someone would build it! Why I may even help if there really was interest.

Tablet Guy: You mean like an entire event planned around yours truly? Of course it could work! Invte the vendors! Invite Microsoft! Invite all the Buzz members and all the MVP’s! Invite that cute girl from Vegas.......errrrr, maybe not.
I can just imagine it. A few hundred people, all in the same place at the same time (that part would be important ya know) talking about Tablet Guy...., I mean Tablet PC’s. C’mon somebody, join up on this idea and let’s think about it! If it doesn’t happen soon, that’s okay, but we really need to make this one happen! I’ll be the STAR!!!!! Win your own DocuPen RC800

Dennis : Rob Bushway has a very cool contest going over at his blog to win a DocuPen RC800. The entires are really good! Go check him out! I would love to play with one of these things!

Tablet Guy: Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets! You can NEVER have too many gadgets. I mean, where would I be if no one wanted gadgets. Go for it Dennis, enter and get me one of these things! Win your own DocuPen Rc800.

Apple Tablet — More news or just conjecture?

Dennis: Well, there have been lots and lots of Apple Tablet Rumors, but nothing definite form Apple yet. I have to admit, a Tablet from Apple is an intrguing idea though. Click the link below to read about another possible patent filed ....

(Read about it here)

Tablet Guy: Yeeaaahhh, right. I’ll believe it when I see it. Besides that — If it’s not running a Microsoft OS — it’s not really a Tablet!! It would be like Apple though, to try and finally capitalize on all thre hard work and grief getting Tablet PC’s where they are today.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

On our way to Redmond next week ....

Dennis: In February, Tablet Guy and I are going to the Microsoft Partner briefing on Windows Mobile Devices, which is mainly an ISV event. That’s a good thing. I won’t make any money while I am there - that’s a bad thing. The opportunity to go was just too irresistible. This will be a very good place to get a feel for the current Tablet PC stratosphere. Looking forward to hearing from some of my favorite people at Microsoft, and determining how I can best proceed in my direction to help this effort. I believe in Tablet. I think it will be commonplace in peoples homes, offices, and lives in general in just a few short years. I have already been involved for three years, and enjoyed watching it grow, in spite of the naysayers. Here is a quick look at the tentative agenda:

MPD Vision by Bill Mitchell, VP Mobile Platforms Division
State of the Business, Annual Report by Robert Williams, Director of Business Development
Sessions include:
Marketing Update
Solutions Sales Specialist Overview
Tablet PC and Mobile PC Features in Windows Vista
Windows Vista Overview
Tablet PC Technical Drill Down
Partner Opportunities
Developer Guidelines on Building Mobilized Software
The Future and Lifestyle PCs
Windows Vista Launch and Opportunities
And much more…

I’ll report on how it’s going while there, and wrapup when I get back.

Tablet Guy: Wooohoooo! Back to Redmond, and to my roots where it all started. I’m gonna see Frank, and Arin, and all the other Tablet Product team guys! I hope my favorite Tablet Girl Lora is gonna be around! She holds me nice, takes my picture, ahem.... Can’t tell you more. She has a thing for FoamHeads - that’s all I can say! Time to pack my bags!!!

Snagit Version 8 released! Buzz contest? Ipod Nano?

Dennis: Today sees the release of the new version of Snagit from TechSmith. Lots of new features, new GUI, etc. Keep your eye out, we will be having a contest on Tablet PC Buzz soon giving away lots of cools stuff sponsored by TechSmith. Copies of Snagit, T-Shirts, rumor has it there may even an Ipod Nano in there somewhere!
Tablet Guy
: Very cool app! Hey Dennis, grab my pen and let’s see what kind of cool stuff we can come up with here. A contest on the Buzz? That should be fun. Be kinda cool to have people do something like show demos of Tablet capability! Wonder how this product will capture ink flow....? Hmmmm, now there’s an idea! An Ipod Nano? Now ’Im getting interested!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tablet Guy and a "Friend"!

Dennis: While at CES in Vegas, Tablet guy and I met up with a few "notorious" individuals. Here you see TG in a quick shot with one of those individuals (I mean the Channel 9 guy, not the big dude, That was some guy named Sooble, or Gooble, or something like that). Channel 9 Guy kept making weird comments to TG, which kinda ticked him off. Not sure what they were saying, they were speaking their own little language (FoamHeadese). It didn't seem too friendly though. TG can be a little sensitive. I have a few more pics of TG in Vegas, but I'm using them as blackmail to keep him in line, they may trickle out at a later date though if he doesn't behave. Tablet Guy: Mannnn, why did you have to put up that pic? I DO NOT like sharing the spotlight with that ugly yellow dude. He kept making comments about my height, my shoes, and my cool purple pen! I kept asking Scoble (yeah, that's his name carbon dude, Robert Scoble) to move me to the other side, and I was gonna poke that odd numbered dweeb with my pen, but he wouldn't do it. They must have something special going on between them I guess. I mean c'mon, who's the cutest -- seriously? Dennis: Okay, so his name's Scoble -- fine. By the way Scoble, TG wants to challenge you to a "Cutest FoamHead Guy" contest! Are ya game? Huh???? Probably not enough nerve.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Buzz down = no ZZZZZs!

Dennis: For those who may not know, I (with a little "help" from TG) am the Managing Editor for TG and I spent some time last night diagnosing some disk errors on the site, which was down for several hours.

I am always amazed at the number of people who "ping" me when there is a site issue. Shows how many "Buzz Junkies" there really are! :-) It's a great community.

Tablet Guy: Whew! Man am I glad Dennis and I got that site back up. Dennis kept falling asleep, but a quick poke with my pen usually takes care of that. We never get any rest around here when there are Buzz problems! Plus, the Buzz is where people really go to worship yours truly! :-)

What's a day without a "Buzz" (pun intended)?

Monday, January 23, 2006

CES Caricature done on a Tablet PC!

DENNIS: Cool looking dude, huh? This was the caricature done of me at CES by Rod Beasley, who was under contract to Toshiba to do these of anyone who asked. He was using a Tablet PC with Alias Sketchbook. Very cool, lots of fun. This took him like 5 minutes!

TABLEY GUY: Yeah, right -- whatever. Why would someone want to draw an ugly dude like Dennis when he could do me! I demand equal time on the drawing board.

DENNIS: Okay TG. We'll send your digital picture to Rod Beasley at, and he'll do us one -- for a small fee. No freebies for you. You were off doing the town in Vegas apparently while mine was getting done.

Quit you're whining.....

Saturday, January 21, 2006

More on ASUS Tablet PC's!

Dennis: Barry at had this up on Friday: "Asus Tablet PC models due for release in the spring will be available in both convertible and slate designs. Additionally ASUS will be sticking to the new dual core platform from Intel. Asus Tablet PC set for a mid-year 2006 release RFI Convertible Specs: 13.3" Widescreen Display Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Intel Yonah 2MB L2 Cache - up to 2.33GHz Up to 2GB DDR2 RAM 667MHz 80GB/100GB/120GB 5400RPM Hard Drive TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Security Chip Biometric Fingerprint Reader" We heard about this at CES, but the SLATE news is news tor me! I am also interested in hearing more about the price point!

Tablet Guy: ASUS rules! It’s about time some of the System Builder type folks got involved in Tablet PC’s. I can’t wait till they start selling upgraded components for Tablets. these red shoes and purple pen are gonna wear out sooner or later, gonna need replacements!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Tablet Guy and a LockerGnome .....

Dennis: Tablet Guy and Chris Pirillo (the original LockerGnome) having a laugh at CES. Tablet Guy did ask Chris where HIS tablet PC was, but I never heard the answer... Chris?

Tablet Guy: Man, this is one twisted dude, let me tell you. He had like big chunks of Cheeseburger spittin out everywhere! I think I am about the best Tablet PC he’s seen yet. C’mon Chris, GET WITH THE PROGRAM man! I mean, a tried and true geek like you has to have a Tablet PC!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Traveling with Tablet Guy ....!

Dennis: When I first met Tablet Guy, I must say I was not all that impressed. I mean, look at the shoes ,man! But ya know, he kinda grows on you after a while. Compared to the Channel Nine Guy, he’s downright cute (sorry Scoble)!
So I’ve decided I’m gonna hang with him. He and I are gonna be buds, travel the tabletscape together, commenting on things in the Tablet PC world and other areas as they develop. Now I do gotta tell you that this guy is a wild one. I was in Vegas with him last week, and…, well I’m just not gonna go there. I’m hoping they let us come back, cause trying to convince the local constabulary that it was that little foam guy that did all those things and I was just an innocent bystander was T O U G H.
Tablet Guy: Lies -- all lies! The Vegas thing was his fault. It's always the little blue guy with red shoes that gets blamed! A little foam guy causing all that trouble -- as if! Just ask my babes.., I mean those girls whose fault it was! Oh well, who cares -- it's over now. I guess if I have to travel with somebody, it may as well be this dude (actually, he's pretty cool, but don't tell him I said it).
Okay Dennis, let's get talking about Tablet PC's!

Cruisin at CES

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