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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Naked Conversations and a Preacher...

My oh my, that is certainly a catchy post title isn’t it? As I previously posted, I recently read Scobles book, “Naked Conversations” about blogging and business. There are some examples there about Christian bloggers, and I decided to discuss it with the pastor of my church while we were having breakfast yesterday. Now first of all, I have to tell you this is not your typical pastor/preacher. Jay is a young guy, considers himself more a teacher who likes to share the benefit of his study on Christian and general life topics with others. He basically is already a blogger, he just doesn’t know it yet. His audience is much more limited, and he doesn’t get much feedback (some but not much). His whole theory in developing the church I attend is that the main target for his teaching should be those outside the church, not so much inside. He wants to reach and have conversations with people who are not in a church, without such a focus to get them in the doors.

So let’s consider what happens to him if he starts blogging. He gets a more natural tone, can deliver many more “messages” (which he prefers to call talks), has a MUCH larger audience (literally worldwide), he gets a ton more feedback, and then has a pretty good journal of his thoughts. He also can blog his message each week for the benefit of those members of the church who were not able to attend that week, and hear what they think. I personally like to reflect for a couple days on what he says in church and give him my feedback anyway, so this will make that process easier for me as well. Today he keeps a personal journal on paper, teaches a couple of times a week, and that’s about it. So..., let’s get him blogging! I set him up a Wordpress blog last night, and hope to get him started in the next week or so. Check him out when you can, Jay has a lot of great stuff to say, and is genuinely not a bible beating hell and brimstone kinda guy! His new blog is The title may change (that was my idea, he I am sure will change it). Encourage him with your comments, or let him know what you think. In other words, welcome him to the blogosphere! Good luck Jay!


  • At 2/08/2006 10:03:00 PM, Anonymous Jim Minatel said…

    Hi Dennis. I was the editor for Shel and Robert's "Naked Conversations" and I thought you might be interested to know that I shared a couple of copies with the senior pastor at our church and one of the associate ministers. Our associate minister has keep a blog during her last couple of trips from Indiana to a couple of gulf-coast hurricane relief sites.
    And, through Shel and Robert's connections, Wiley is publishing another book you'll be very interested in called "The Blogging Church."


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