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Thursday, February 02, 2006

MPB, “Lifestyle Design”

Arnie Lund shared this morning about the exploration being done into integrating technology into life. I’ll post as it occurs, so keep refreshing this post. Here are some highlights:

  • Definition - Arnie spent time discussing what is meant by “Lifestyle”. basically the idea is to appeal to each persons idea of how they express their individual style as indicated by the choices they make. Products are designed in order to meet particular lifestyles, and support the image being sought.
  • Design Trends - Here are the areas of technology being evaluated as new products are being designed. These items are PC’s, Cell Phones, Media / MP3 players, etc. :
    • Devices need to be: Mobile, Organized, Connected, Powerful, Expressive, Efficient, Collaborative, Entertaining, Personal, at different levels based upon a consumers weighting and desires.
  • Making the Connection
    • The intersection of experience and intimacy. Basically, this means that if I have a good experience with a device, my level of intimacy, and therefore my integration of it in my life increases. Different groups will reach this point at different times and via different stimuli.
  • Research Plans
    • Trying to get out and learn about where people live in their interaction with technology. This will affect the actual design and look and feel, as well as connectivity, etc. Where will these devices be used, how are they actually held? Fit to the user, to he heart, and to the activity.

Very interesting stuff. The actual human interaction and response research my sound like marketing hype and blurb, but being in this session made me think about my own “style”, and why I tend to move toward certain types of devices and away from others. Having companies consider my actual needs on a day to day basis, cannot help but produce a product that will better meld into my life.


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