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Monday, February 27, 2006

Don’t go to this BLOG!

Okay, so you came to my blog — GREAT!

The reason I have not been posting much lately is that I have been hard at work with my good friend and now partner Rob Bushway developing a new Tablet PC community site! SO from now on, all my postng activity will be done to! Our new site, GottaBeMobile is gonna be awesome (if I do say so myself!). We are going to scour the news for Tablet PC info, do hardware and software reviews, and just generally comment on what is going on in the TabletSphere!

So..., change your feed or your link, and join us at!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Buzz is acting up again!

Just a heads up on For several months, the site has been having issues with disk drives and network cards. The hosting company has been very little help. Periodically, the site just goes down, but the first symptom is usually that the search function stops working in the forums. We end up having to defrag the disk to get bad blocks identofoed and things working again. Every time I have to do this takes me hours!

I have gotten no less than 30 emails and about 10 IM message about this. When the Buzz is down, people call! Trust me, I am working on it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Where ya been, Dennis?

Well, after so much initial blogging activity and info from CES and the Microsoft Mobile Partner Briefing, I’ve been a little absent, cause I’ve been busy. Busy with what? Can’t tell you (oh no..., not again with the secrets).

Seriously, what I am doing is better kept under covers right now, but Ijust want to make sure everyone does not think I went away, just been busy on an exciting new project with some unique twists.

Just stayed tuned, okay?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Pssst..., wanna hear a secret?

New things are happening all over the place.

What exactly do you mean Dennis?

Can’t tell you, that’s how new they are.

New stuff, lots of new stuff.

What kinds of new “stuff” do you mean Dennis?

Can’t tell you, have to keep it a secret right now.

Also new places to go, really cool places to go.

Where are you talking about Dennis?

Can’t tell you, it’s hidden right now, and being “birthed”. Wouldn’t be prudent to give it away yet.

Why can’t you tell me Dennis?

Because then you would know, and it would be too early for you to know.

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know the secret??

STAY TUNED....... !

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Naked Conversations and a Preacher...

My oh my, that is certainly a catchy post title isn’t it? As I previously posted, I recently read Scobles book, “Naked Conversations” about blogging and business. There are some examples there about Christian bloggers, and I decided to discuss it with the pastor of my church while we were having breakfast yesterday. Now first of all, I have to tell you this is not your typical pastor/preacher. Jay is a young guy, considers himself more a teacher who likes to share the benefit of his study on Christian and general life topics with others. He basically is already a blogger, he just doesn’t know it yet. His audience is much more limited, and he doesn’t get much feedback (some but not much). His whole theory in developing the church I attend is that the main target for his teaching should be those outside the church, not so much inside. He wants to reach and have conversations with people who are not in a church, without such a focus to get them in the doors.

So let’s consider what happens to him if he starts blogging. He gets a more natural tone, can deliver many more “messages” (which he prefers to call talks), has a MUCH larger audience (literally worldwide), he gets a ton more feedback, and then has a pretty good journal of his thoughts. He also can blog his message each week for the benefit of those members of the church who were not able to attend that week, and hear what they think. I personally like to reflect for a couple days on what he says in church and give him my feedback anyway, so this will make that process easier for me as well. Today he keeps a personal journal on paper, teaches a couple of times a week, and that’s about it. So..., let’s get him blogging! I set him up a Wordpress blog last night, and hope to get him started in the next week or so. Check him out when you can, Jay has a lot of great stuff to say, and is genuinely not a bible beating hell and brimstone kinda guy! His new blog is The title may change (that was my idea, he I am sure will change it). Encourage him with your comments, or let him know what you think. In other words, welcome him to the blogosphere! Good luck Jay!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Intel's Ultra Mobile PC shipping this quarter?

Intel's Ultra Mobile PC shipping this quarter?: More info coming out on UMP's..... Wonder how accurate this is? There is not a great deal of facts surrounding this project, so don't draw too many quick conclusions. As we stated when blogging this from the Microsoft Mobile Partner Briefing, these specs are design goals, which may take a while to materialize...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Naked Conversations", a mini review

I first became aware of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s new book, “Naked Conversations” while in Las Vegas attending CES and having a conversation with Robert. When I got home, I ordered a copy, thinking it may be a mildly amusing way to pass some time, just like Scobles blog . As I was getting ready to walk out the door for my last trip to Redmond for the Mobile Partners Briefing, UPS dellivered the expected tome. “Great”, I said, something to read on the cross country flight, which I proceeded to do, all 200+ pages (I live on the east cost -- long flights)! So began an interesting journey. I was very surprised. Having just started blogging myself, I was just beginning to participate and learn a bit more about the “blogosphere” as the worldwide blog community is referred to. I was surprised to learn just how much I did not know, and many mistakes I had already unknowingly made (at least in their opinion!). I expected a bit of tongue in cheek type writing, commenting on how to start and run a blog. What I got was a professionally written book on business, blogging, and how the two relate now and in the future. The basic premise is that business are already being affected by the blog, and can expect to be affected more in the future, and can choose to embrace it or fight it. Robert and Shel do a really nice job sharing a number of successes and failures in blogging in business, and some insightful reasons for both results. They encourage businesses both large and small to join the conversation, and communicate directly to people to get real facts, issues, and yes, even solutions to problems they are facing. I particularly enjoyed the individual stories of how people have used the blog “revolution” to benefit their businesses, both large and small. From Tailors to plumbers, to GM executives, they are all covered in this book. Its a great effort gentlemen, and one well worth reading. You can discuss the book in the official”Naked Conversations Blog”.

See you in the Blogosphere!