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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MPB - Robert Williams

Robert Williams is “The” Tablet PC hardware man at Microoft. Quick points:

  • Showing the direction of Tablet PC Hardware, as well as the exciting sales growth.
  • There is some very exciting hardware direction and machines coming out, so stay tuned for more on that as it develops.
  • Tablet at retail is going to be increased a lot soon. Best Buy in particular will have a greater Tablet availability soon.
  • Should me more “Packs” coming in 2006. These are small collections of applications for ink / tablet. More OEM’s are including these as preloads

As an MVP, there was not a lot I have not heard before, the difference is that now the info is not so NDA, and can be discussed. It is tough to try and summarize here for you, but we should have copies of the Powerpoint slides soon, and can give more detail when we have those.


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