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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MPB - “Windows Sideshow”

Windows Sideshow, and Windows Sidebar are concepts being introduced to supplement your laptop or notebook PC. Deisgned as an external display or even removeble device that contains application ability to give you a “quick view” of important data. In a demo of a prototype developed with ASUS, Microsoft showed how having this display can summplement the on the go lifestyle, while still using a full notebook PC.
To get the concept, picture having your laptop under your arm on the way to meeting an not remembering what room it is in. You simply press an external button on the notebook (with it’s power off and lid closed), nd scroll to your calendar. Or maybe you are in the car and need a phone number. Without opening and powering on the laptop, you can go to your contacts and do the lookup.
More later, but a nice potential concept in my view.


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