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Thursday, January 26, 2006

On our way to Redmond next week ....

Dennis: In February, Tablet Guy and I are going to the Microsoft Partner briefing on Windows Mobile Devices, which is mainly an ISV event. That’s a good thing. I won’t make any money while I am there - that’s a bad thing. The opportunity to go was just too irresistible. This will be a very good place to get a feel for the current Tablet PC stratosphere. Looking forward to hearing from some of my favorite people at Microsoft, and determining how I can best proceed in my direction to help this effort. I believe in Tablet. I think it will be commonplace in peoples homes, offices, and lives in general in just a few short years. I have already been involved for three years, and enjoyed watching it grow, in spite of the naysayers. Here is a quick look at the tentative agenda:

MPD Vision by Bill Mitchell, VP Mobile Platforms Division
State of the Business, Annual Report by Robert Williams, Director of Business Development
Sessions include:
Marketing Update
Solutions Sales Specialist Overview
Tablet PC and Mobile PC Features in Windows Vista
Windows Vista Overview
Tablet PC Technical Drill Down
Partner Opportunities
Developer Guidelines on Building Mobilized Software
The Future and Lifestyle PCs
Windows Vista Launch and Opportunities
And much more…

I’ll report on how it’s going while there, and wrapup when I get back.

Tablet Guy: Wooohoooo! Back to Redmond, and to my roots where it all started. I’m gonna see Frank, and Arin, and all the other Tablet Product team guys! I hope my favorite Tablet Girl Lora is gonna be around! She holds me nice, takes my picture, ahem.... Can’t tell you more. She has a thing for FoamHeads - that’s all I can say! Time to pack my bags!!!


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