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Monday, January 23, 2006

CES Caricature done on a Tablet PC!

DENNIS: Cool looking dude, huh? This was the caricature done of me at CES by Rod Beasley, who was under contract to Toshiba to do these of anyone who asked. He was using a Tablet PC with Alias Sketchbook. Very cool, lots of fun. This took him like 5 minutes!

TABLEY GUY: Yeah, right -- whatever. Why would someone want to draw an ugly dude like Dennis when he could do me! I demand equal time on the drawing board.

DENNIS: Okay TG. We'll send your digital picture to Rod Beasley at, and he'll do us one -- for a small fee. No freebies for you. You were off doing the town in Vegas apparently while mine was getting done.

Quit you're whining.....


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