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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tablet Guy and a "Friend"!

Dennis: While at CES in Vegas, Tablet guy and I met up with a few "notorious" individuals. Here you see TG in a quick shot with one of those individuals (I mean the Channel 9 guy, not the big dude, That was some guy named Sooble, or Gooble, or something like that). Channel 9 Guy kept making weird comments to TG, which kinda ticked him off. Not sure what they were saying, they were speaking their own little language (FoamHeadese). It didn't seem too friendly though. TG can be a little sensitive. I have a few more pics of TG in Vegas, but I'm using them as blackmail to keep him in line, they may trickle out at a later date though if he doesn't behave. Tablet Guy: Mannnn, why did you have to put up that pic? I DO NOT like sharing the spotlight with that ugly yellow dude. He kept making comments about my height, my shoes, and my cool purple pen! I kept asking Scoble (yeah, that's his name carbon dude, Robert Scoble) to move me to the other side, and I was gonna poke that odd numbered dweeb with my pen, but he wouldn't do it. They must have something special going on between them I guess. I mean c'mon, who's the cutest -- seriously? Dennis: Okay, so his name's Scoble -- fine. By the way Scoble, TG wants to challenge you to a "Cutest FoamHead Guy" contest! Are ya game? Huh???? Probably not enough nerve.....


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