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Monday, January 30, 2006

Bloggin on the go ...

Dennis: I’m playing around with this little app called PDANet. In getting ready for a 4 day business trip, I need to be able to connect on demand. I do not travel enough to justify one of the fancy aircards or anything, but I do have a Treo 650, which I would like to use as a modem. My neighbor Eddie has been using a hack to the 650 to do so, but I wanted to try it with PDANet, which I found out about on I tried to quickly set it up via Bluetooth, but no joy, have to get back to that later when I have more time. My Toshiba M200 Tablet PC does not have internal Bluetooth, I am using a USB Bluetooth adapter, so that may be the issue. But I am doing this post via a USB cable to my Treo. 384kbps, not too shabby. Since I am using my phone with an unlimited data plan, all I am doing is burning minutes. I’ll keep playing with this. Anyone else took at shot at it yet?
Tablet Guy: Good. we need to be able to be online quickly Dennis. Although I would prefer not to have a Bluetooth “dongle” (man I hate that word) hanging out of a Tablet, we need to mke that work. That would make using a Tablet PC much cooler. You have the phone on your person, you just open your tablet while at a meeting or on the go and it instantly finds the Bluetooth network and you are online. Having to plug in that USB cable is workable, but not optimum. Anybody done this with a Treo 650 and PDANet? I’ll keep on Dennis to make this work (he procrastinates sometime, but I know which buttons to push on him!).


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