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Friday, January 27, 2006

Is it time yet?

Dennis: The icon on the right here was one used about 3 years ago to promote a meeting of Tablet PC early adopters, industry people, press, etc. in Boston. I attended that event, back when Tablet PC Buzz had about 300 members (about 18,000 now btw).
Rob Bushway was there, Fritz Switzer and his daughter Casey, Adam from PCTalk, and that’s about all I remember. Motion had a rep there, NEC and HP also. All in all there were about 30 people who showed up, and a number of those were there because it was also the venue for PlanetPDA that winter.

So is it time yet for another event, solely focused on on Tablet PC? We have kicked the idea around on TabletPCBuzz a few times, but have not ever done anything solid with it. Lora Heiny has organized several “meetups” around major events, but nothing specific to Tablet. AT CES this year, there was a really good crowd (60-75) of people for a late planned, somewhat inconvenient to get to meeting, so what does that show us?

Just rambling here. I would go if someone would build it! Why I may even help if there really was interest.

Tablet Guy: You mean like an entire event planned around yours truly? Of course it could work! Invte the vendors! Invite Microsoft! Invite all the Buzz members and all the MVP’s! Invite that cute girl from Vegas.......errrrr, maybe not.
I can just imagine it. A few hundred people, all in the same place at the same time (that part would be important ya know) talking about Tablet Guy...., I mean Tablet PC’s. C’mon somebody, join up on this idea and let’s think about it! If it doesn’t happen soon, that’s okay, but we really need to make this one happen! I’ll be the STAR!!!!!


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