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Thursday, February 02, 2006

MPB, “Making Windows Personal”

Ken Hardy shared on making software more personal. Highlights:

  • Small enough to go almost anywhere
  • Simple enough to be used naturally
  • Fashionable enough to be carried

Out technology devices are not just about hardware and software, they are about being a part of our lives, and more important. Convergence is desired by the consumer, but has become difficult because each device has been designed with a specific purpose, and other funtions suffer as a result. “Ultra Mobile PC’s” are becoming a reailty. However, Windows is hard to use on small screens, on the go, and info is too hard to get to. It needs much more personalization.

So what would have to happen to Windows to make it personal, portable, and more adaptable to individual lifestyles. We need:

  • Simplicity
    • Never more than a couople of “clicks” from primary actions
    • Reflect the users tastes and personl experience
    • Easy to use, casual and natural
  • Making Windows about “People, places, and things” - All the information is there in Windows, but it makes you dig deep for it at times. It’s just too diffiult. The design goal would be to have much more personalized menu and navigation to take us quickly to where we want to go, based upon “learned” experiences of what you do on a day to day basis. Different menus for different functions, quicker access to the needed functions based upon my current activity. All this would be based upon an individual and their current need, location, etc., not on a one method fits all idea.
  • Awareness - Does my PC know where I am (GPS), does it know what I am doing (pen in hand, may want to write), does it know where I should be (schedule). The OS should support ways to intelligently locate you not just physically, but your position in your workday, your tasks due, etc. If I have a budget due in a week, and I need two days to get it done, it should let me know when to work on it. Wehn I have a meeting, it should suggest a map to get to the location. You get the idea, it is about making the experience with Windows not just good, but truly great!

Great session, looks like great research and direction!


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