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Thursday, February 02, 2006

MPB - Windows Applications in a Mobile World

Time to hear from one of our favorite Tablet PC folks, Frank Gocinski. This was a really good talk, and one could not help but be excited about the future of the Tablet PC Platform. Frank is a driver in this process, and his enthusiasm is infectious! Here are some major bullet points:

  • The Mobile PC Landscape
    • People want more mobile applications, creating rich opportunity for ISV’s
    • More than half a billion buy new Windows devices each year, so is a greatly expanding environment
    • The more people see mobility in others, the more they desire it in their lives
  • Technology Trends
    • The desktop is becoming marginalized, move to mobile devices is increasing
    • Mobile devices are becoming more prevalent and powerful
    • Crucial standards are coming together
    • Smaller more portable devices are coming, making our data and experience also more portable
  • Mobile PC Decisions for Customer and Developers
    • Form factor decisions
      • Slate, convertible, etc.
      • Grab and go Docking
      • Integrated wireless
      • Longer battery life
    • Software tuned to the device
      • Anywhere access to info is critical
      • UI design for smaller devices
  • Windows Vista Opportunities - Frank highly encouraged ISVs to get involved in developing for Vista. Microsoft is putting an unprecendented amount of effort into the development, marketing, and launch of Vista. Analysts say that Vista will be the most quickly adopted OS ever, 475 million new PC’s in the first 12 months, with 200 milionupgradeable devices. Office 12 will drive people into Vista as well.

Thanks Frank, this would have been great as a webcast! All the good informtion would be great for the masses to hear!


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